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Artist Review: Belaire Art

By Alexandra Heep

· Watercolor,Original Art

Angela Belaire is a freelance artist who works out of her home studio, Belaire Art, in Louisiana. She’s been creating for over 30 years, ever since childhood. She loves painting with watercolor because, in her mind, anything goes with this medium. She likes that it has a mind of its own and that you’ll always be surprised with the outcome. However, she also likes to stray from this medium to pull out her camera to take interesting pictures, especially of landscapes and animals.

Angela describes her art as very random, depending on where her mood leads. What makes her creations different from others is that she draws doodles and line art over watercolor backgrounds, instead of starting with a drawing or letting the painting stand on its own. Thereby, she adds another dimension to her art. In addition to painting and photography, she loves turning old items or furniture into something more.

Her art doesn’t fit into a particular box. Whether you feel sad, happy or something in between, you’ll find a piece of art that speaks to you. Currently, her creations include such standouts as an abstract "Alien People Eating Plant," Van Gogh-like "Interstellar Dreams," a realistic landscape "My Toes are Cold," and a dream-like "Dandelion Sunset." As you can see by the creative wordplay when naming her paintings, Angela’s talent isn’t limited to her paint brushes and pencils.

To see what else she has and to purchase Angela’s one-of-a-kind originals, check out the Belaire Art shop on Facebook.

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