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Creative Cats

Published by Creative Haven, artist Marjorie Sarnat

Reviewed by Alexandra Heep

· Creative Haven Books,For Cat Lovers

This was my first adult coloring book that I acquired. Well, maybe the second one because my real first one was an indie published (Create Space) journal/coloring book combo. It depends how you look at it.

Creative Cats is part of the Creative Haven series, published by Dover Publications. The artist is Marjorie Sarnat. When I got the book (I ordered it online), I realized that it was for advanced colorists, it says so inside. Oh boy, did I make a mistake, I thought. Indeed, the designs are fairly detailed, but the book has remained my favorite.

It has one design per page (very important in order to avoid ruining a design on the back page) and the pages are perforated for easy removal. Most people remove their pages after coloring them, I guess, but I take the page out first, then color it. I can't color inside a book, the folded pages drive me nuts. Online reviewers have complained that the cats all look alike.

However, that seems like no big deal. After all, I think drawing is like handwriting. Each artist has her own "signature" and hence things will look alike to trained eyes. I never heard anyone complain that Monet was repetitive. Having said that, the cats, while their faces are alike, do have different poses. The kitties have are all in different settings. You have music kitty, steampunk kitty, writer kitty, dress shop kitty, candy shop kitty, hippie kitty, and many more.

I have included some of the pages I colored below, so you can get an idea in regards to the images in the book. They have no filters applied and were either taken with a cellphone or scanned. The only edits applied were crop and resize.

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