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Published by Creative Haven, artist Miryam Adatto

Reviewed by Alexandra Heep

· Creative Haven Books,Abstract

The Dreamscapes adult coloring book is published by Dover Publications and part of the Creative Haven series.

The pages in this book are perforated for easy removal and designs are single sided. This means that you only have one image per page so you can color without having to worry about markers bleeding through to a design on the back page. I do recommend removing a page first before coloring it.

The designs are abstract. Some seem like what I could draw, even though I can't draw. For example, they have irregular lines that are very uneven. Others are more "harmonious". So, it's hit and miss. However, I have seen some completed designs online that look really good, even though I didn't like the non-colored one when looking at it in the book.

Dreamscapes is an appropriate name for this book as some of the designs are what would show up in your bizarre dreams, if you have those. It's a good book for those who look beyond wanting to color grass green and the sky blue. On some of the designs, I did find it a bit difficult to make out what part of the design was.

Below are some of the designs I colored from this book. These have no editing except for crop and resize. Taken either with a cellphone camera or scanned.

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