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Empty Lines

By Kim McIntosh

Reviewed by Alexandra Heep

· Floral,Abstract

Empty Lines by Kim McIntosh is an adult coloring book that was published via the Create Space platform. It has 54 pages with 25 hand-drawn designs that are single-sided. There is a blank page in the back that you can use for testing colors etc. The book is only a little more than 1/8 of an inch thick so it’s perfect to keep in your bag for coloring on the go. The pages aren’t flimsy though like some of the dollar-store books, they’re your typical Create Space paper quality. The book measures approximately 7.6 x 9.6 inches.

The first page after the cover page contains a lovely intro and dedication that allows you to get to know the illustrator behind this book. I always enjoy a glimpse into the personal life of an author because it allows you to establish an emotional connection.

Ten of the pages have bordered designs that stop before the spine. One design is centered on the page and is mandala-like, and the remaining 14 illustrations run from one edge of the paper into the spine. The book folds open easily enough since it’s not thick, so coloring the pages won’t be a problem.

The illustrations are flower-themed, and many of them have butterflies as well. You can find abstract patterns on the pages and small details within the subjects. There’s also plenty of “white space” on many of the designs that you can leave blank or fill in any way you want. All of the designs are meticulously hand drawn and of good print quality.

I think that this book is wonderfully versatile. The advanced colorists will find enough joy in the details to make it fun for them, but it would also make a nice book for the beginning colorist because not all pictures have intricate details.

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