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Magical Landscapes

Published by Creative Haven, Artist Miryam Adatto

Reviewed by Alexandra Heep

· Creative Haven Books,Abstract

Magical Landscapes is part of the Creative Haven series. If you're not familiar with the Creative Haven adult coloring books, they generally have perforated pages and the paper quality is awesome. The artist is Miryam Adatto who also illustrated Dreamscapes, a coloring book I reviewed in a prior post. The designs are single-sided, another hallmark of the Creative Haven series.

This book is somewhat like Dreamscapes, but the designs, while still abstract, are much clearer to figure out and less "neurotic." Miryam did away with the jagged lines and pointy shapes that were featured on some of the designs in Dreamscapes. I do like the Dreamscapes book, but wasn't able to complete all the designs because I found some of them to not be relaxing at all.

Magical Landscapes lends itself to bright colors and the use of markers. There is no reason why you can't use subtler colors, pencils or gel pens if you want. But I really love using markers on the designs, and they really pop with bright colors. The book is ideal for those who don't need to color grass green and the sky blue.

The designs encompass scenes with meadows, forests, tropical waters, sunrises (or sunsets), fancy trees and more. Just keep in mind that they're abstract, as you can see by my colored samples below. All in all, I love this book and it's a go-to when you don't feel like obsessing about choosing the "right" colors.

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