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Phat Cow Cartoons (Carling Tyne)

Reviewed by Alexandra Heep

· Cartoon Style,Humor

Based in Vancouver, BC, Phat Cow Cartoons is spearheaded by the talented and personable artist Carling Tyne. I found out about her work when she was running a contest in a coloring group. The prize was a commissioned sticker with a design of the winner’s choice. Here is the even niftier part: You can color the sticker!

I got lucky, and this is how it worked: She told me to look around her shop to see the kind of work she does, and to give her an idea of what I wanted and to send pics, if I had them. I asked if she could do a cartoon version of a potted tree that we have, affectionately dubbed Baby Spruce, and to my delight the answer was yes.

You see the result above (I made a copy to practice on and colored it in). Below, you can see the real Baby Spruce on which the design was based. I love the design so much that I have yet to color the actual sticker for fear of not doing it justice.

If you want your own design, perhaps to give as a unique gift for the holidays, just contact her via Facebook. She’s real personable and professional in her dealings and delivers as promised. It doesn’t have to be a sticker, of course. Or, check out her stores on Facebook and Gumroad for some colorful prints or for goodies that you can color yourself. (Insider tip: Gumroad has freebies!)

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