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Published by Creative Haven, Artist Jessica Mazurkiewicz

Reviewed by Alexandra Heep

· Creative Haven Books

The Skyscapes coloring book is part of the Creative Haven series by Dover Publishing. I have several of that series and have not been disappointed with any. Like the others, designs are single-sided and the pages are perforated for easy removal. Both are big positives. One point I want to specify, however, is that this book should have been named Spacescapes because the designs all have an outer space theme. The back of the book does say that it comprises astronomy designs.

If you love planets, space weather and the like, this book is definitely for you. You'll also enjoy this if you like using deep, dark colors. There are plenty of opportunities for using black, midnight blue, dark purple and burgundy as well as glitter pens and markers.

Now, one word of advice: Some of the designs are pretty intense and feature scenes like exploding planets. Not exactly calming to color before bedtime. That's just me though, others probably find that interesting. There are still plenty of pictures to color that are more "serene." Make no mistake though, the designs are time consuming to complete, especially the ones that have asteroid belts.

Below are some of the pictures from that book that I colored. They have not been edited except for crop and resize.

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