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You Add the Rainbow

By Erin O'Riordan and Tit Elingtin

Reviewed by Alexandra Heep

· Abstract

You Add the Rainbow is a co-authored effort by Erin O’Riordan and Tit Elingtin, a dynamic writer duo with several novels under their belt. I have a soft spot for writers since I am one, so I checked out their adult coloring book. Why would writers publish a coloring book? According to the foreword, Erin has always loved to color, and she and Tit used to buy coloring books from art museum galleries. Hence, the inspiration for this book.

The paper is of standard Create Space quality, and the images feature abstract art designs. This release has 34 pages, measures your regular 8.5 x 11 inches. There are 30 designs, and the images are double-sided (one image on each side of the page). The book is fairly thin and lies flat easily enough for you to color in it. I chose to remove the pages before coloring them because I prefer to do it that way. I managed to do that easily with a box cutter (utility knife).

I know some people can’t stand the thought of taking a book apart, but some want to know how easily pages will remove when they are not perforated. I had no problems. Plus, I store my completed pages in binders (after placing them in sheet protectors).

Anyway, as I stated already, there’s no need to remove them, if you don’t want to. As always, place a blank page behind the page you’re coloring, just in case. I recommend that with all coloring books, whether they are single or double-sided.

The designs won’t take long to color since they’re abstract and not bogged down with tiny details. I would say that they can be completed in a couple of hours or less (I color slowly), even if you want to add your own details (most of the spaces are quite large). I actually think this book is perfect for using your Crayola twistables, or even if you feel like digging into your children’s crayon stash.

Of course you can use your high-end or regular colored pencils, if you prefer. I colored one of the pictures with markers, but those obviously require the sacrifice of the design on the reverse (as is the case with all double-sided coloring books, so I won't recommend markers unless you don't mind doing that).

I find this book ideal for people who have really stressful lives or work long hours (then again, one usually begets the other) because you can feel accomplished completing a design fairly easily, and there’s no stressing over using the “right” colors. Also, those with bad eyesight (like myself) will find the illustrations easy to manage. It's also a good book for beginners who want something a bit more polished than a book from the dollar store.

I used Crayola twistables for this picture and drew in the letters for "Love" myself.

This picture was colored with markers.

Here is an example of a typical layout.

Something simple on the left hand side.

A more complex design on the right.

The design on the right is an example of one of the more intricate pictures from this book.

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